Stop With The CATCALLING! Thank you…

I’m a fairly attractive woman… “blessed” in places where it matters. I’ve never “really” had a problem attracting men, in fact, I’m hit on quite a bit. Getting the attention of quality men is the problem, some are shy and aren’t willing to walk up to me. Getting the attention of assholes is very easy.

I feel it’s time for assholes ( I will not call them men….because they’re assholes) to realize that yelling vulgar statements at me is degrading. They are ignorant, sexist, and relentless. In their minds the outcome is much different…something like this…

Guy: What up sexy? You got a fat ass! What’s your name?!

Girl: Oh, thank you, I eat a lot of fast food to keep it fat….I can also make my booty shake really fast…like Beyonce.

Guy: I gotta get up in that! How bout I take you to the Old Country Buffet and you let me hit that later?

Girl: That sounds nice, you’re such a gentleman.

Has this conversation ever happened?:

The answer is HELL NO! If this conversation did happen….she is a whore ( an actual “sell her body” whore who is hoping to be paid).

So…no more “hey sexy lady”. Instead, walk up to her and nicely compliment her on her beauty (not a part of her body). If she’s into you, you’ll get her number…Just that simple!

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