In Your 30’s: And Beyond…

Many of my friends and coworkers are in their early 20’s. Yes, they were born in the 90’s ( which makes me feel incredible old). Somehow, I’m able to hold my own at the bar! Seeing my youthful, exciting coworkers  and friends has inspired me to reflect on how I’ve changed over the last 10 years.

If you are 29 or younger and reading this….I do not mean to scare you. My 30’s have been awesome (so far). These are simply my experiences.

Becoming Aware of Your Biological Clock

It’s a fact ( look it up) that when a woman turns 30, she will lose half her eggs. If you’re like me and religiously took birth control, wishing to someday become a mom ( when you were ready); you wake up as a 30 year old and realize…it’s harder for you now. You now have a minimum of 10 years to find a man and make babies. After 10 years, it gets more difficult to conceive…but not impossible! (Janet Jackson).


I didn’t get my first hangover until I was 29 years old…it was just a prequel of what was coming a year later. I’m a big drinker….but, if I don’t frequently drink water throughout the night…I’m totally messed up the next day. I’m sure some scientist can explain why hangovers happen…but….I’m just telling you to prepare… drink plenty of water and get a industrial size bottle of Ibuprofen or Aspirin. I’ve also gotten into Kombucha ( it helps me recover fast).

Getting Over Your Parents

In your 20’s, you constantly butted heads with your parents. The conflict is compounded by the fact that you think differently…and maybe your parents are jerks. Unfortunately, they won’t change… but you mature enough to walk away from an argument and/or accept them for who they are ( even if you totally disagree with their views).

Relationships and Dating

Your superficial checklist for the perfect mate becomes more practical. In my 20’s, I probably would not have dated a man that was bald, under 6’0, and/or lacked attractiveness. With experience, you realize that not every HOT guy is the best for you. I’ve learned to look past someone’s appearance and focus more on their personality.


With age, comes a better understanding of yourself. In your 30’s you’ve pretty much determined “you”. Those awkward younger years peel away to reveal the amazing person that you are! THINGS GOT BETTER!

Looking back on your 20’s…What has changed for you?

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