Perils of a Large Breasted Woman


I’m not ashamed to tell the world that I’ve got large breasts!! Of course…if you’ve ever met me, this was no secret…you’ve got eyes don’t you?! I’m not sure about other “well-endowed women”, but, it’s a love/hate relationship for me.

We live in a “breast” obsessed world, unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to free the world of what appears to be a “natural” desire to glance. Our obsession with breasts have created and fueled industries like apparel, plastic surgery, and of course…porn! Most small-breasted women fail to understand the negative side of being a larger size. Before ponying up thousands of dollars for a brand new “rack”, be aware that not everything about large breasts are awesome.


Pros: Having breasts really makes that fitted sweater look awesome! Breast also help bikinis look amazing.

Cons: Try finding a bikini top if you’re a “D” or larger. I have to order my bikini tops and they are very expensive! Don’t even get me started on button-down dress shirts, yikes! All shirts with buttons pull, so I always leave the first three buttons undone.


Pros: None! Other than wearing a larger size…There are no pros.

Cons: Just like with bikinis, the larger the size, the greater the cost.  I’m always a bit jealous of the girls who can dig into a Victoria’s Secret clearance bin and find a bra; they don’t even sell bras in my size!!

Having to wear a bra is a con; built-in bras don’t offer enough support and going without a bra is NEVER an option (unless I’m looking to be arrested).


Pros: Sure…people notice you…especially men.

Cons: People notice you…especially men. I get cat-called all the time..,it’s irritating. A homeless man once yelled, “Nice Pillows” to me…like that “compliment” was going to really make my day!


An honorable mention must be given to exercising. I do exercise…but, boy…If I don’t wear an underwire bra, they jiggle and bounce; no sports bra can contain them… and that’s all I’ll say about that!

You can look at them, call them “tits”, “boobs”, or “melons”; but, please try not to tell me that I’ve got a large chest…I don’t need reminding…Thank you!

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