3 Screenwriting Podcasts That Won’t Disappoint!

If you’re a writer, these three podcasts are required listening!


On The Page

Pilar Alessandra

As the lead instructor at On The Page, Pilar Alessandra can tout more than a few professional writers as former students. As one of the longest-running podcasts on this list, the vast library of interviews with screenwriters will be a wealth of knowledge.

Personal Picks: Episode #396 “Writing Treatments”, Episodes #426 and #427 “Rewrite Contest”, Episode #440 “5 Things to Avoid When Pitching”

Curious About Screenwriting Network

ISA (International Screenwriting Association)

If you haven’t heard of the ISA and you’re an aspiring screenwriter, you should immediately browse their website (after reading the rest of this blog of course!). The ISA hosts events and contests. Their directory of script consultants and mentors have helped many screenwriters hone their skills and land jobs. Some of their podcasts consist of episodes from other podcasts (such as Indie Film Hustle or the Sell Your Screenplay podcast), but the self-produced episodes such as “Wine Wednesdays” (also on YouTube) and “The Craft” hosted by Max Timm are the best.

Personal Picks: Episode #37 “Agents, Managers, Reps, Oh My!”, Episode #57 “It’s All About Loglines”, Episode #59 “Career & Industry Smarts with Special Guest, Lee Jessup”.

Scriptnotes Podcast

John August and Craig Mazin

I don’t know where to begin! John and Craig are so knowledge on the craft and business of screenwriting that you should make this podcast a weekly ritual. John has written films such as “Big Fish” and “Frankenweenie”. Craig wrote “Identity Thief” and “Chernobyl”. Their personalities are incredibly different, but together, they’re an amazing duo.

Personal Picks: (Please note that older episodes of Scriptnotes are not available for free, therefore my personal picks are all recent.) Episode #381 “Becoming a Professional Screenwriter”, Episode #382 “Professional Realism”, Episode #385 “Rules and Plans”  

If you’re hungry for more podcasts, Script Reader Pro has its own list.

Happy listening!!



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