3 Tips For Getting The Most From Networking Events

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash   Love it or hate it, networking is the best way to expand your career. As I’ve written in previous posts, I hate standard networking events. I hate large groups and I hate starting conversations with strangers. With that said, the point of going to these events isContinue reading “3 Tips For Getting The Most From Networking Events”

3 Screenwriting Podcasts That Won’t Disappoint!

If you’re a writer, these three podcasts are required listening!   On The Page Pilar Alessandra As the lead instructor at On The Page, Pilar Alessandra can tout more than a few professional writers as former students. As one of the longest-running podcasts on this list, the vast library of interviews with screenwriters will beContinue reading “3 Screenwriting Podcasts That Won’t Disappoint!”

4 Tips for Networking When You Have Anxiety

You’re invited to your local film festival after party. You’re looking for a new DP (Director of Photography) and you know that almost every filmmaker in town will be in attendance. If the thought of starting a conversation with several strangers sent an unimaginable shock through your entire body, you’re an introvert. As an introvert,Continue reading “4 Tips for Networking When You Have Anxiety”

5 Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Job

  The stereotypically bland and depressive work environment of a corporate office is not the most ideal place for a creative person. We arrive early, tired, and dreading the mundane tasks that make up our long eight hour day. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative, the above-mentioned description might hold true for you.Continue reading “5 Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Job”

3 Simple Ways to Get out of Your Head and Write

Hello World!! It’s me. I haven’t written a blog post since January and I’m most definitely rusty…sorry about that! My inability to develop topics to write about jumpstarted something in me. I wondered if anyone else had this problem….DUH! Of course writers get writer’s block. I’ve written about writer’s block before, but this will beContinue reading “3 Simple Ways to Get out of Your Head and Write”

How to Unlock Your Creativity!!

  Not long ago, I attended a panel on creativity. Specifically, the panel focused on filmmakers.We learned where creativity lived in our brains, ways that we can force ourselves to be creative, and examples of how others were able to create. It was incredibly interesting. After the panel, I was inspired to create something…ANYTHING! Plus,Continue reading “How to Unlock Your Creativity!!”

Acceptance: I’m A Failure!!! But I’m Working at it!

If anyone is an expert in disappointment, it’s me. For many years, it seemed as if my hard work and dedication would lead to failure. In addition to working hard to accomplish my goals, it seemed that everyone in my life was posed to either use me or destroy me. With so much negative energyContinue reading “Acceptance: I’m A Failure!!! But I’m Working at it!”