Acceptance: I’m A Failure!!! But I’m Working at it!

If anyone is an expert in disappointment, it’s me. For many years, it seemed as if my hard work and dedication would lead to failure. In addition to working hard to accomplish my goals, it seemed that everyone in my life was posed to either use me or destroy me. With so much negative energy surrounding me, I began to settle for whatever came my way ( which is never a good idea!). Eventually, I realized that I had created a bleak, soulless, pathetic life for myself and I didn’t want it!

As many psychologists or life coaches will suggest, accepting your past failures and being less impacted by future failure is a way to move forward.

I’m accepting my past and moving forward, this is how……..

Reminding myself everyday of what I want.

  • I look at my goals everyday.

Not working with an unrealistic deadline.

  • Many people set age goals for themselves, like writing a best-seller by age 30. You’re simply setting yourself up for disappointment; What if publishers don’t bite until you’re 40? Stop with the unrealistic deadlines!

Creating a motto.

  • I have a few….

“I’m Amazing” and “Keep Climbing”

YOLO is a generally used motto ( and Drake song) that I think is great.

Have a mourning period.

  • You weren’t selected for that internship you wanted? Didn’t win Script Pipeline? It’s ok to mourn ( even cry until your eyes are red), just make it quick! Life is too short for a pity party! Keep the train moving!

If you’re in a runt…remember this……

“Life is a series of valleys and mountains. You’re in a valley, but if you keep walking….you’ll find yourself on top of a mountain.” – Yours Truly!


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