How to Unlock Your Creativity!!


Not long ago, I attended a panel on creativity. Specifically, the panel focused on filmmakers.We learned where creativity lived in our brains, ways that we can force ourselves to be creative, and examples of how others were able to create. It was incredibly interesting.

After the panel, I was inspired to create something…ANYTHING! Plus, I knew that I could make a living from it. I decided to focus more on writing and making content. The more I worked, the more I discovered what worked for me.

3. Practice…ALL THE TIME!!!!

There’s this theory that says that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master something ( learned this at the panel). Think about The Beatles. The Beatles were creative musical geniuses. At some point in time they sucked, practiced, and got better!
2. Add a spin to a cliche`

This is kinda obvious… but, every form of art has a cliche, something that’s overused and deemed uncreative. Let’s use that cliche` and add an unexpected element to it..BOOM…It’s unique! Think about all the mannequin challenge videos. They’re all “essentially” doing the same action…but each group has a different location, situation, or level of humor.
1. Disconnect your brain!

Artists are known for their vices ( with good reason). Please don’t become a drug addict or an alcoholic!!! Try going for hiking, going for a swim, meditation, or any activity that will shut down your brain. The creativity will just follow!
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