3 Simple Ways to Get out of Your Head and Write

Hello World!! It’s me. I haven’t written a blog post since January and I’m most definitely rusty…sorry about that!

My inability to develop topics to write about jumpstarted something in me. I wondered if anyone else had this problem….DUH! Of course writers get writer’s block. I’ve written about writer’s block before, but this will be a bit different. I discovered that most of my writer’s block wasn’t related to my creativity; it was related to my mental state…my anxiety. By taking these steps, I was able to control my anxiety and finally write.

Understand what is giving you anxiety.

For me, this was imposter syndrome. I keep (and continue) to think that I’m not a writer…that nobody cares about what I have to say…this is of course,  not  true. I’ve studied writing, I write regularly, and I am a writer…period. I would sit down, open my laptop and ready myself to write. After typing a few words, I would stare at the screen. I missunderstood my writer’s block to be confirmation that I couldn’t write and stopped.

I’m not gonna lie to you…this is a hard habit to break! I forced myself to (at minimum) open my laptop and stare at my screenplay. I know that may seem crazy (and it is) but it forced me to at least try and get a few words on paper ( or screen). Eventually, I wrote a little more and a little more.

Gain confidence in what you are doing.

If working in the business world has taught me anything, it’s that confidence is everything! If imposter syndrome continues to hold you hostage, try saying an affirmation to yourself. I am a (Insert profession) and I’m damned good at it! If an affirmation doesn’t work, you need to learn not to compare yourself to others. Fuck other people! You are one of a kind and everything about you is unique. There are millions of ways to gain confidence in your abilities. A quick Google search will give you a million ideas.

Relax and turn off that brain!

I’ve said it a million times before….you gotta get out of your head! I’m prone to having a “wandering mind” (possibly ADD) and focusing on writing can sometimes be difficult. Going for a walk helps me decompress from a very difficult and stressful day at work. Once I’ve had a chance to relax, it’s easier to come home and write. I noticed that when I’m stressed, I only want to slouch on my sofa, watch TV, and nothing else. This is going to sound very strange, but trust me, it works. I like to stare at the ceiling while lying in bed. It’s lazy, but it surprisingly works to help me relax.

I know that this post was very specific to me (and my issues). Hopefully, you saw yourself in something I mentioned above. If you take only one piece of advice with you today, always take confidence.


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